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Our Services to you are simple, To provide a place where you can exchange jobs for FREE yes I said FREE.
Either it be a job you can't handle or you just want to fill up any empty vehicles you have returning from another job. These services are available to all included Freelance, Owner Drivers, Established courier and freight companies.

Using this site you will be able to enter into the system your EMPTY vehicles using the Enter Return Journey page or entering jobs you have available to other couriers using the Enter New Job page. Now added you can even enter when your vehicle is not in use..

These will then be posted on the site for other couriers to see so they can contact you if they have a match to you requirements.

Or on the other hand!!

You can use the View Today's Jobs page to fill your own vehicles or use someone else for a return load on the View Return Journeys.

These pages can all be accessed quickly using the quick nav on the top right hand corner of the members pages.

In addition to this there is a find a courier page which can be accessed by other couriers or the general public to find a courier for the area they need, So even if you don't make use of the jobs pages you can still have some free advertising!!

Why am I doing this you may be asking, what is the catch.

Well believe me or not their isn't one, well their is one but I will tell you in minute. Don't click away now you can use the services for free I promise.

To start I have been their and done that in the year 2005 about March I started my own courier company and found that a lot of people where just after your money, and it got me thinking why do I have to pay to get jobs, I mean come on aint it supposed to be getting me money that's the idea you would think!!. Well I gave that up and decided to do some other projects i.e. I learnt myself how to build web sites walla and here it is.

Maybe you do want to pay for a better service or a better looking web site that's up to you, their are plenty out their if that's your preference. But this one works just the same.

But all in all on this site you can get jobs from other companies and post your own what else do you need.

Right you want to know the catch.

Throughout the site you will see advertisements now these aren't free I charge companies for placing them on the site, also on the find a courier page you can opt to have a premium listing so you will be placed at the top of the page for your area but that's totally up to you, a standard listing is free of charge and you automatically get this when you sign up. That's it really not a big catch is it.

If you want to sign up Click Here

If your interested in a premium listing Click Here

Thanks for reading and good luck.


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