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Just thought I would right a quick update on the site.

To start I have got the forum back up and running at the same address, but unfortunately I have had to start it from scratch so all members details have been lost so you will have to sign up as a new forum member. Also the previous posts have been lost. Donít worry your members details to the site are safe.

I have changed the why people can view your details. I have inserted a captcha which is so bots cannot scan your details and use them for inappropriate reasons; I have had a few complaints from people that they had been contacted by various people and got the details from our site. I would like to say that your details have never and never will be sold to third parties, for more info please read Terms and Conditions.

The site as a whole has been updated too with all the pages now looking similar with rounded edges and a better looking layout. The basic layout is still the same.

Donít forget to post your jobs and return journeys itís still free to do so and will remain this way

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