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New Couriers - Getting Jobs


Getting Jobs

You've got your vehicle, its fully insured and now you want something to deliver.

To start the customers are not going to come flocking at your feet because you've put an ad in your local paper but don't let this put you off because theirs plenty of ways to get customers. Its a good idea to start by contacting other couriers in your area. This might sound like a daft idea but they do use other courier companies for when they cant handle all the jobs in one day. These companies might sub-contract work out and this is what this site is mainly about.

In my local area their is one company that only dealt with next day delivery but they kept getting calls for important packages that needed delivering the same day, so instead of investing in a van and a man they sub all their same day work out to local smaller companies. So its a good idea to contact your local next day companies as well especially the larger ones who can have regular multi-drop jobs for you to take on.

To contact these companies you can write your self an introduction letter on letter headed paper. You want to start by introducing yourself and state what vehicle you have and the relevant insurances. I'm not going to give an example of a letter because every letter I've had from a new courier company has been exactly the same. Their quite simple to write and always check your capital letters and your spelling (oh and sorry if theirs mistakes in this tutorial). Its also a good idea to include your prices as well.

You can also call companies and introduce yourself and check to see if they need a courier service. It might also be a good idea to get unlimited local phone usage on your telephone line for a month or so to save on charges. This maybe a tedious task but it can be allot more affective than sending a letter. The best advice I can give on this method is to prepare yourself first make sure you now what your going to say and be prepared to negotiate prices or maybe even offer their first delivery at a discounted rate.

Posting flyers with your prices. You can always have some flyer printed of with your price list and contact details and post them round your local industrial estates. This can be time consuming but you get a lot of exercise in the process. You can even talk to someone while you are their about their delivery needs.

A web site might sound like a good idea but this poses the problem of getting people to visit your site and can be costly if you don't have the means to do it yourself. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying don't have one as web sites can look great and you can have all the relevant information about your company at a click of a button. Most hosting companies do however have the means for a build-it-yourself program at a small cost usually included in the price and gives you the means to build a simple site.

The hosting company below provides all these services.

Streamline.Net The home of good value web hosting  

Now you now how to get the jobs I will explain the pricing.


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