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New Couriers - Getting Started


Getting Started in the Courier Business.

Before approaching potential clients you need to make sure you have got a reliable vehicle and the right insurance. Its no good turning up with a clapped out B reg fiesta. It doesn't look very professional and it might not get you half way across the country. You will be looking to have at a minimum something like an Estate or an MPV preferably a diesel .Ideally a small van would be great.


Get yourself in the Yellow pages and Thomson Local and any other Business directories. Most of them now have the means to do this online and is quick and simple but don't forget you will only be listed in their books in their following publication which can be up to a year later. Their online and telephone service usually lists you straight away. Plus you can be listed on this site Click Here.


Get yourself some business cards these are handy things that you can keep on you. Pass these out to as many people as you can you never know. You can also hand them out to the companies you deliver to.


Let Inland Revenue know what you are doing and sort out any credits you may be entitled to. If you know book keeping you can do your own accounts but if not now is a good time to get an accountant they will probably be able to save your more money than they cost in regards to what you can claim.

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