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Welcome to the support pages. If you can't find what you are looking for Email Me

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How much does it cost to sign up? - Their is no fee for signing up.

How can I edit my details? - You can edit your details in the members area!

What is my User ID? - Your user ID can be found at the top of the members area.

The Job Swap Service

What is a Hotshot? - A hotshot is an urgent delivery and most likely wants picking up right away.

What is a Backload? - Not as important as a hotshot and are ideal for return journeys as their might not be a specific pick up time.

How much do I get paid for doing these jobs? - This is up to yourself and your contractor. Prices are usually based on mileage and size of vehicle.

What is a POD? - Proof of Delivery - Usually customers a required to sign a form as Proof of Delivery.

Where do I send the invoice and the POD? You send these to your contractor.

Find a Courier

I'm not listed Why? - Make sure you have click the confirm link in the email that was sent when you signed up.

I haven't received an email - Please check your junk mail folder and change your settings to receive emails from us.

How do I get a priority listing? -You can get a priority listing by Clicking here

How do I get a Banner listing? - These are limited to one per area and you can get one by Clicking here

I want a Banner in a different area. - Please email us at

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