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New Couriers - The Exchange System


How the Exchange system works for Couriers


Job Exchange

The Job Exchange is quite simple really and is designed to help couriers out when they need it.
In its basic form it is just a place to post jobs you have available to other same day or next
day couriers depending on the type of job.

But its designed to simplify the process by sorting them out for the day with the option to look
at available jobs 14 days in advance. You can view the jobs from the members area only but this
is free to sign up for. So we are not locking anyone out.


The posting method is quite simple as well which you use from within the members area of the site.
It involves entering your Pickup point, date, time and drop off point. Plus what type/size of vehicle
would be suited for the job. Once the details of the job are entered to the exchange they are then
sent to relevant couriers in the area you chose. They then can log on to the site check out the job
and give you a quote by phone.


At this point you can wait for other couriers to call or use the first courier to contact you, once
the job has been taken you can change the status of the job to let other couriers know its not available.


Return Journeys

Once you have a job to deliver you will want to maximise your profits by finding a package to fetch back, to help you with this we have a Return Journeys section. When you get a job to deliver you can enter your Drop off point and your destination point to the site so other couriers can see you are returning empty. Couriers in the area you are leaving from will also receive an email of your journey. If there are any available jobs you can pick up they can contact you on your mobile to arrange a pick up and price, this price might be at a cheaper rate maybe half the price of a normal delivery, but still you would have been coming back anyway. So this will benefit you both and the environment.


1. Only one vehicle on the road instead of two
2. You get extra money for the return
3. They save money on fuel and will have a van spare


So this service will benefit the sameday courier by maximizing time and mile usage.


Empty Vehicle


This one is self explanatory when you have days that your vehicles will not be in use you can post them on the site for the area they are situated. Then other couriers can view them to see who’s available to do a job. And vice versa you can check if there is a vehicle available for you.


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