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Hi My name is Chris Hartley and I'm from Yorkshire in the UK, I have a loving partner Shell and 3 brilliant children Dylan(6) Mollie (2) and baby Thomas. I Have worked in construction since 2000 and was a Ground Worker up until..


In March 2005 I decided to drop shovels and delve into the world of freelance couriering. I was planning it all out while I was working by the way and did some research on the internet.


I found a site offering an ebook on How To Become a Freelance Courier I think it was about £50 Great I thought so I bought it straight away, and it was right pages and pages on what to do to become a freelance courier. It went on and give you examples of letters to send to other couriers, which by the way I receive at least once a month in the exact same text. This is the reason why I don't provide one.


I did all the stuff it said and got some reply's from couriers for work and was great I was doing a couple of trips to London a week and a few more local ones to keep me going but payments started to drop and had not been paid for at least 9 months so be warned nag nag and nag some more.


In the mean time I decided to launch my own site promoting my services KDC brill work should come flowing in after all this is the brilliant world of the internet. How wrong could I have been their was more to it than that.


I also decided to sign up for an exchange service for couriers, I cant mention their name because they have already threatened to sue me but lets say it has the words courier and exchange in their title. Great I pay a sign up fee then a recurring monthly and get jobs. It all worked great I have nothing against their services but I didn't earn enough from it to get back what i'd paid them for the privilege.


The services probably benefit people more if they are a bigger company with a few vehicles, not for a new start up with a Peugeot 306.


Any way back to the web site thing. I used the providers own Build a Web site program which was also great until I realized I couldn't do many things with it. So I decided to learn how to build them myself from scratch.

Well with my new knowledge of HTML and past experiences with ebooks and exchanges I came to realize that these services could be available for free so here it is a free exchange and services for couriers.

So Good luck in your adventure.


You can contact me at ---- s e r v i c e s @ k d c c o u r i e r s . c o m



Just a couple of lines to thank you and your site,just completed my first job through advertising on your site only been on it about 2 weeks nice one down to Leicester.Once again thanks,
Dave Clay.



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