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Credit Safe-

A company called credit safe is claiming to be working along side us. We do not know anything about this company and We advise that if you are contacted by this company you should hang up. We are currently looking in to this matter further.



Hi Seems that someone has a similar company name to mine and is sending out emails from a yahoo address claiming the recipient has won One Million Great British Pounds. This email has nothing to do with this site. Emails from this site only go out to our members and sometimes promotional emails will be sent out to invite you to the site but only to courier related companies. This site does not solicit in spam or use this site as any other business in regards to gaining emails for such practices.If you receive this email about winning a large amount of money approach with caution especially if you did not enter any competitions. As always if it seem too good to be true it usually is.Some links I have found on this Nigerian lotteryCoca colaFraud AidMet Police Service


Example of ermail that is being sent out...

2 Bevan Avenue
Conwy LL28 5AF
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (701) 114 0213
Fax: +44 (870) 121 5534
Call Time: 24hrs
23rd November,2006

Dear Winner,

Notice: This is to inform you that up till now we have not receive your payment details for courier charges. The board of dicrectors of the courier company has notify me that you have three days to make payment and dispatch your winning to you with the address you have indicated both to us and the lottery company.
If you fail to comply paying the courier charges before five days, your winning will be returned back to the lottery company, and this means your winning will be declined automatically by the lottery company. You have won a lottery which the chouse and documents has been submitted to us by the lottery company to make delivery in receipt of the beneficiary paying the courier charges.

Note: Please call our telephone number above to make enquiries and to contact us via email or telephone if payment is available for courier charges. As soon as we receive payment details, (TRACKING NUMBER) will be issued to you, to enable you track and trace your parcel with safety.
Yours Faithfully
Scott Philips (GM)
K.D.C COURIERS SERVICE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have tried to contact yahoo to get the address stopped but they don't seem bothered doesn't do much for their credibility. Seems they have hundreds like it and this individual makes up names every day to try and scam people.

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